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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 24, 2010 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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time now for tonight's closing argument. it's been an historic day in washington. president obama with 22 pens, signing into law health care reform that will affect every american.
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i'm signing this bill for all the leaders who took up this cause through the generations, he said, naming leaders from d teddy roosevelt to teddy kennedy. republicans haven't taking this likely. long-shot legal challenges have already been filed in 14 states. so, tonight, we ask, are republicans being sore losers are simply serving their constituents? tell us what you think by clicking on the "nightline" page at or any time at the "nightline" twitter page. and tomorrow night, can a sport as ferocious as mixed martial arts find a peaceful co-existence with christianity? we meet a fighter who says yes it can. that's tomorrow night. but that's our report for tonight. for all of us at abc news, good night, america. >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel with a message from progressive insurance, the number one motorcycle and truck insurer and a leader in rv and boat coverage. for more on that, we go live now
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to our spring break correspondent, guillermo. in florida. hello, guillermo. >> hello, jimmy. i'm here on spring break in miami beach. >> jimmy: oh. and how is your spring break going? >> it's been wild. first, i drove my rv to vegas, but somebody stole it while i was playing bingo. so then, i got a motorcycle and rode it through the rockies. but the motorcycle got ate by a moose. >> jimmy: wait a minute, the motorcycle got ate by a moose in the rockies? >> yes. >> jimmy: and then what happened? >> then i got myself a boat, but i got attacked by pirates. good thing for progressive insurance, they had me covered every step of the way. >> jimmy: well, it sounds like a wonderful trip. when are you coming back to work? >> soon jimmy. but first, i have a surprise, close your eyes and count to three. >> jimmy: okay, i will. one -- two-three -- i'm opening
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my eyes. >> jimmy: oh, my goodness, it's a spring break miracle. welcome home. >> dicky: protecting your spring break fun. now that's progressive. >> jimmy: you smell like deodorant. "jimmy kimmel live," back in two minutewith clark duke, music from neon trees and scott wolf. our service is top-notch. we'll take care of you, your family, even this little guy. great. ta-da! thank you. what else can he do? ring him up, boy! he's on break. [ chuckles ] caring for you and your loved ones. [ pickles barks ] now, that's progressive. call or click today. you need listerine® whitening® vibrant white™ rinse. the mouthwash that gets teeth four times whiter
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>> dic >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- from "v," scott wolf. "hot tub time machine's" clark duke. and music from neon trees. with cleto and the cletones. ♪ it's "jimmy kimmel live"
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and now that i have your attention, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the program. and it's my pleasure to sign this historic monologue into law tonight. good to see you out of chose chains. for those who watched "lost" tonight that know what i mean by that. great episode tonight here on abc. you watch "lost?" we have "lost" fans here? [ applause ] good, because i'd have to clear the room otherwise. in nine hours it's over.
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in nine hours the writers of "lost" promise to wrap up the mysteries of time, space and feat and yet "american idol" needs another 50 hours to find the next taylor hicks. it doesn't seem -- tonight's episode centered around richard alpert who we found out hasn't aged in almost 150 years. he's like the dick clark of the island. this guy named jacob gave him the gift of eternal youth. if jacob moved to beverly hills, he could make a lot of fun. he could make $40 million from tori spelling alone. we found out the man in black, as they call him, is engaged in a long-running power struggle with the man in white. kind of like obama and the republicans and this health care thing. and we also find out that the island might be hell. though i find it hard to believe that hurley, who never did anything bad to anyone would be in hell and heidi and spencer are not, so i don't think
12:13 am
it's -- [ applause ] i don't think it's hell. i will say this, though. i think i finally have the secret of the island figured out. i think this whole sideways time travel thing is happening because they forgot to set their clocks ahead last weekend. [ laughter ] the secret of the island is daylight savings time. think about it. there are a lot of people who don't have the patience to follow "lost. "it is confusing. but that's part of the fun. fortunately for us, we've got access to the executive producers of the show, who are very giving when it comes to steering us in the right direction. here now, this week's edition of "secrets of lost." >> people ask, by the end of the last season, will we final understand what's really going on? >> nope. >> jimmy: well, what are you
12:14 am
going to do? [ applause ] at least they're honest. a new edition of "american idol" tonight the celebrity mentor. it was miley cyrus who was there to coach the contestants. you may remember miley's father is bucky covington, of course. i don't know if i'd be okay with a 17-year-old mentor. and i have to say, i've not been enjoying "american idol" this year. but they are finally down to the singers who can actually sing. ♪ and you're coming back to me ♪ the chance ♪ take a look at me now >> jimmy: oh wait a minute, no, they're not. they're still in the terrible thing. look at this. this is randy jackson's response
12:15 am
to that performance. >> ah, yo, man, yo, wow. uh -- really, honestly? >> jimmy: two yos, two mans and a wow. that's not good. [ applause ] you can get a shamwow sometimes, that's when it's really bad. this morning president obama signed into law the health care bill that was passed by the house of representatives on sunday. [ applause ] so, now when uncle sam points his finger to you, it means bend over. at the signing ceremony, the president was introduced by vice president biden, who was apparently unaware that there was a microphone in the vicinity. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states of america, barack obama. >> you did it buddy. this is a big [ bleep ] deal. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he needs a swear jar.
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[ applause ] republicans are -- republican party is not happy about the bill. senator john mccain told a radio show yesterday that the bill was done in quote the most unsavory chicago sausage making that he's seen in all his years. first of all, i can say from experience that there is nothing unsavory about chicago sausage. it couldn't be more savory, in fact. and that's not a liberal or conservative point of view. that's an american statement right there. a fat american statement. mccain also said that there will be no cooperation from republicans for the rest of the year. so that should be good for the country. [ laughter ] what a shame to see all that cooperating end, you know? this is like the coyote announcing he's no longer cooperating with the road runner. [ applause ] this is kind of crazy. i don't know if i believe this. a new poll found that 57% of republicans believe president obama is a muz lip. 57%. 45% believe he was not born in e united states.
12:17 am
38% feel he's, quote, doing many of the things that hitler did. and 24% believe he may be the anti-cist. oh -- like oprah would date the anti-christ. [ applause ] that's ridiculous. 38%? 38% believe he's like hitler? how is that possible? he doesn't even have a mustache. how could he be like hitler? did hitler play basketball? no, seriously, did hitler pl basketball? speaking of hitler, there was more news about the tattooed nazi dressup model jesse james supposedly had an affair with. this is her from tmz. her name is michelle mcgee. her parents also considered naming her stripy mcgoo and i think spanky mcgill. that sounds like a villain on hong kong fooey. remember that? she has the letters wp tattooed on her legs which they say
12:18 am
stands for white power. and today, pictures of her refrigerator were released. no kidding. that's her son in front of the refrigerator. you can see she spelled "gopowe magnets. so that's weird. [ laughter ] you know, people have scandalous breakups all the time in hollywood, but people seem to be upset about this one, because sandra bullock seems like the ideal person. here tonight to debate this situation, adolin and peggy rose, head-to-head in tonight's edition of "hot buttons." >> welcome to "hot buttons." i and her talk about hot button issues. today's topic is sandra bullock, her husband, and the skank nazi
12:19 am
whore. who would cheat on sandra bullock? >> in my opinion, if sandra bullock couldn't take care of her man, then she deserves what she got. >> with a nazi? >> in this countryit's allowed to be a nazi. >> i understand we're in america, baucom on, now. >> maybe you're not [ bleep ] your man right and that's why you're so defensive. >> do you have a man? >> yes. >> i bet you do. you slut. >> bitch. >> whore. >> [ bleep ] face. >> what? that's what you call me? >> [ bleep ] face. >> [ bleep ] face? [ applause ] >> jimmy: very polarizing. tiger woods gave his first interview since brutally attacking a tree on thanksgiving day. he gave two five minute
12:20 am
intervus, one to espn and one to the golf channel. the golf channel asked tiger how he would explain his behavior to his children. he says he expects to have to explain it to them when they get old enough. i would have the maid do it. but here is exactly how i think that will go. >> kids, sit down. there's something we need to talk about. >> okay. >> okay. >> see that couch you're sitting on? what is it made out of? >> money. >> that's right. when i die, it's all yours. now is there anything you would like to ask daddy about his past? >> nope. >> good. now go play with your hovercraft. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: it's important -- so parent to talk to your kids.
12:21 am
communications, you know? and on sunday, you know, the discovery channel launched an 11-part followup to that series "planet earth." it's fantastic. they, i don't know what, they showed the planet earth in great detail this one is called "life," narrated by oprah winfrey, who has been the narrator of life for a very long time, i think. unfortunately, oprah had to take the day off on sunday for the premiere so they got another celebrity narrator to take her place. >> there they are. two tigers, a male and a female. ah, the zebra. all animals are beautiful in my opinion but zebras are right up there on top. you know why they're on top. they're tall. that's an ostrich. wow. what a neck. what a neck. that's to look over. over things. look at that. it's being followed by a -- what
12:22 am
is that? a little animal. what the hell is that? that looks some very hairy. there's the ostrich again. oh, my god. can that be a lion? or is that a hairy elephant? could be. ostrich head. [ applause ] >> jimmy: nicely done, uncle frank. no script, either. nunl of that is scripted. that's all right off the cuff what is your favorite animal? >> a racehorse. a horse that race races, belmon. you know, racehorse. >> jimmy: okay. that's correct. that's correct. [ applause ] one more thing this is from a show that -- we looked at clips of this show a few times before. a religious show from england called "talk god" and they talk god on it. over and over again someone e-mails questions, they act like
12:23 am
they are real questions but they are fake questions using lyrics from popular songs and the hosts of the show never seem to catch on. >> i just want to read this message again. this is by kit. he says, hi guys. wonderful show. can we please play it? a prayer that i often like to repeat in this. never gonna you up. never gonna let you down. never gonna run around and desert you. never gonna make you cry. never gonna say good-bye. never gonna tell lie and hurt you. that's such a wonderful prayer. >> jimmy: it really is. the gospel according to rick astley. congratulations to whoever is doing that. good show tonight. from "hot tub time machine," clark duke is here.
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>> jimmy: hi there. thanks for watching me put on a show tonight. with us, from the new movie "hot tub time machine," which comes out friday. already getting oscar buzz, this early in the season. a funny young man named clark duke is here. later, from provo, utah, making their network television debut, this is their new album called "habits." neon trees from the bud light golden wheat stage. the guys from the killers tipped us off to them. we're happy to have them here. tomorrow night, gerard butler, gabrielle union, and jamie cullum will have music for us. one of our writers took this
12:29 am
photograph. this is a store called ammo, safes and storytelling. everything the kids might possibly need. it's right next door, i think, liquors, babies and bullets. all right, our first guest tonight is the one of america's most beloved tv orphans on the show "party of five." you can see him now fra ternizing with scaly visitors from another planet on the program "v." "v" returns to abc next tuesday night at 10:00. please say hello to scott wolf. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how's it going? >> really good. >> jimmy: you flew from vancouver to be here. >> absolutely. >> jimmy: the whole family up there? >> everybody is up there now. we kept the family back home during the olympics because it
12:30 am
was so crazy up there, but now, everybody is up there with me. we have a baby in the house. a -- >> jimmy: congratulations. how old is your son? >> yeah. he turned 1 yesterday. >> jimmy: really? did you rent out a nightclub for him or something? >> actually had a party for him. the cast really showed up huge. because we're obviously away from home and they're our family away from home so we had a 1st birthday. he's sort of become the mascot. he was the first "v" baby. he was born during the pilot of the show and we're pretty sure he's human. >> jimmy: you have to be careful. the liz arnolds over for the party and everything. >> yeah, we invited the lizards over. >> jimmy: is it okay to call a boy a v baby? >> i might get cards and letters. >> jimmy: you might want to stop that. in school there could be trouble. >> that could stick. >> jimmy: the baby is 1. and are you enjoying your time in van kooufecouver?
12:31 am
>> yeah, it's awesome. being a dad is the greate esest thing of all time. it's hard work, but he's the greatest. you start off with the rules, we're not going to feed him sugar and, you know, we're not going to swear after 9:00 and then it gets to a point where you realize, if he's happy, which he is most of the time, life is good. it gets to the point now where, my wife is like, honey? and i'm like, yeah, he's eating skittles and watching "scarface." is he happy? yeah. get out of here. that's a good movie. >> jimmy: you do tend to relax as you realize they can stay alive without you constantly monitoring every breath. >> absolutely. and my wife and i, we couldn't keep plants alive before we had children so -- >> jimmy: plants are harder in a way. >> they are. >> jimmy: they are. >> they can't tell you -- >> jimmy: plus, they don't do anything.
12:32 am
>> they're lazy. >> jimmy: they are. one of the laziest life forms on the planet. >> my kid's a hard worker. >> jimmy: were you in the delivery room and -- >> yeah, i mean, well, the reason -- he was born while we were shooting the pilot and i actually had that crazy thing where i was in vancouver and my wife calls and early on a saturday morning and she's like, it's happening, you have to get on a plane and unfortunately that night before was the first night that we had, the whole cast had gotten together and wed were at a drinking establishment and we got overserved -- >> jimmy: oh, ya really? you should sue them. >> canadians overserve you like that. >> jimmy: they know how to drink up there and the beer seems to be stronger. >> yeah, they just flavor their alcohol to be polite to americans. >> jimmy: probably. >> so i got on a plane and charged down and was kind of recovering the whole way. i thankfully had the good sense not to tell a woman who was about to push out something, the equivalent of a bowling ball out
12:33 am
of her body that i had a headache. >> jimmy: yeah, no. >> terrible idea. >> jimmy: you didn't cut the cord, did you? >> i did but -- you know what? he actually hung in there, that last few hours it was like, we think he'll come in two minutes and a few hours went by -- he was letting me sober up. >> jimmy: probably was. smelled tequila in the room. i'm going to hang out here for awhile. >> not ready for me yet. >> jimmy: that's something. did you shoot "party of five" in vancouver? >> we did. the pilot. we shot the series down here. >> jimmy: you keep in touch with the cast of that show? >> i do, i do. matthew, neve and i got a chance to hang around with each other. >> jimmy: does matthew tell you what's going on with "lost?" are you close enough that he would tell you -- >> here's the deal, i mean -- you know, incredible show, but they're in their final season and now, it's time to transition your fandom -- >> jimmy: almost. give me nine more hours to get through it.
12:34 am
>> then, but maybe "v?" >> jimmy: that is a great show. and the last episode, i think, like, million spaceships were headed to the earth -- how is that going to last for five episodes if they are coming here -- >> we don't talk about them all the time. you kind of know they're out there. >> jimmy: they're out there. >> but there's great stuff when we get back on. >> jimmy: you pl a journalist on the show who is kind of -- a little bit on the side of the aliens, maybe, at least right now. which is interesting.sides, in a show that is really about for them, against them, he's kind of rovering in the middle, seeing what's in it for him. he's waiting to see which side is going to be victorious and be with those guys. he's that kind of guy. >> jimmy: he's a journalist. that's the way it goes. >> a little shady. >> jimmy: will you be making love to any of the lizard people? >> you know -- it's possible. it's possible. there's some chemistry there
12:35 am
between chad decker, my character, you can never say just chad. it's always chad decker. and, you know, there's something seems to be brewing with him and anna, the leader of the -- >> jimmy: is it more fun to be in a sci-fi show than a show like "party of five?" >> yeah. on all the other shows i've done, i've seen a lot of kitchens and coffee shops. not a lot of spaceships on the shows i've done. but i keep waiting to get involved in, like, a really good kick ass fight scene and it's hard because i'm a -- >> jimmy: have you done one of those? >> yeah, probably best they are not having me do them right now because one of the first movies i did s called "double dragon" -- pl [ applause ] >> jimmy: oh, that's right. i've seen that. >> it made like 8. so, i was doing this big stunt fight sequences and i was so excited and i got to, like, kick and punch, and they set up this huge shot and after the first take of it they're like, cut, cut. bull horns. cut, cut, shutting it down, all
12:36 am
the extras stop. everyone stops fighting and the director and the stunt coordinator are beelining to me. and they go, what are you doing? and i was like, i don't know, what am i doing? and they're like, why are you making sounds? apparently -- i grew up fighting with my brothers. apparently every time i threw a punch i was like -- pssh. >> jimmy: too many video games is the problem. you're not supposed to do that. they add those in later. >> we'll take care of the signs. >> jimmy: that's a union violation. don't do your own sound. well, hopefully you've learned and you won't be doing that. watch "v," it comes back to abc next tuesday night at 10:00 p.m. scott wolf, everybody. we'll be right back with clark duke. so what are you going to have?
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>> jimmy: hi there. still to come on the show, neon trees will be with us. unlike most former child actors, our next guest is not currently behind bars or sweating profusely through a
12:41 am
reality weight-loss show. he's starring in the much-anticipated new movie "hot tub time machine." it opens on friday. please welcome clark duke. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you look very spiffy. what kind of suit is that? >> this is made of parachute material. i don't know. >> jimmy: is that right? goodafety in case there's an accident. >> i feel like it's flame proof. >> jimmy: well, no, i have a feeling it's quite the opposite of flame proof. >> if it's not flame proof the hair spray definitely is not. >> jimmy: no, yeah, you're really just a real fire hazard, actually. >> i don't know how they let me in the building. >> jimmy: you were a child actor. what show were you on? >> i was. when i was much younger, i was on a show called "hearts of fire." >> jimmy: oh, yeah, right.
12:42 am
>> you've seen it? >> jimmy: i used to watch that show. john ritter was on it. yeah, quite a group there, actually. >> yeah. >> jimmy: and you played the kid on that show? >> one of ritter's kids, yeah. >> jimmy: how about that? that's something else. and where are you from originally? >> arkansas. yeah. >> jimmy: from arkansas. how do you wind up in arkansas child acting? >> you know, it was kind of a weird series of events. my mom had a childhood friend out here that we visited with a manager and i ended up on that show and then after that was over we just kind of went back to arkansas and i went to high school. yeah. which is really anti-climactic. >> jimmy: i would think so. >> i got bored in high school and, obviously, and garage waited a year early and moved out here, went to college. >> jimmy: and you and michael became a team. >> that's right. i move into this apartment building and mike was my next door neighbor, just totally
12:43 am
random happenstance, while he was doing the first season of "arrested development." and i let him in the gate one day when he was locked out -- >> jimmy: that's the way to do it, yeah. >> every great love story starts with that. >> jimmy: with a gate opening. >> exactly, yeah. literally or figuratively. >> jimmy: uh-huh. >> and, yeah, clark and michael, the web series, i don't know if you've seen that -- [ applause ] >> jimmy: very funny. so that was -- that was a fortuesday douse gate opening. >> yeah. it really was. that was my thesis film in college. >> jimmy: you got this movie "hot tub time machine." greatest title ever. >> and it's really literal. >> jimmy: it is literal, isn't it? and, because -- it is about a hot tub that will take you back in time. >> yeah, based on the incredible true story. >> jimmy: uh-huh. did you go -- did you do research to study -- >> yeah, you know, the movie is about me and three other guys, john cusak, rob cordry, craig
12:44 am
robinson, get in this hot tub and travel back in time and we have this great time as a ski resort so being method actors we tend to do a lot of drinking at this ski resort we were filming at. >> jimmy: you have to. i didn't want to. >> you have to do it. the place we were staying at was the middle of nowhere, the canadian rockies, you had to fly -- we chartered a jet to get there and i felt like led zeppelin getting on the plane. and we get there, and cusak would row parties all the time because we're in this town of like 2,000 people, it's terrifying, like "the shining," this out of season -- it's a ski resort that's out of season so the population of the town is 1500 people. we employed the whole town. i was driving to get food one day and saw a hitchhiker, a guy that looked just like the girl from "the ring." it's not scary yet. i get to the hotel and she's the girl behind the counter checking
12:45 am
me in. she beat me back there hitchhiking and i'm driving a car. and then that night -- >> jimmy: wow. >> that night on set she's an extra. i swear to god. >> jimmy: are you sure she isn't triplets? >> i just saw her in the crowd. >> jimmy: she's over there and she's over there! >> she's actually the bass guitar player in the band, too. >> jimmy: wow, that's something else. okay, so, you guys had a lot of fun making this thing. >> we did the place was so scary that the guys in the film moved in with me because they gave us all these timeshares, these huge townhouses that were, like, two-story, four and five-bedroom, giant places but i wouldn't mind -- i was immediately like, really creeped out because it's -- just like "the shining." >> jimmy: you were having nightmares. >> i was. a couple of the guys moved in with me but when there was a party or cast and crew get
12:46 am
together, everybody would automatically end up at my place afterwards so my place got destroyed. we went through three sets of patio furniture. >> jimmy: really? that's a lot of patio furniture. >> it's -- like i said, the most i've ever felt like led zeppelin. so, they sent these two guys that were kind of like insurance auditors over to my place and the other two guys got up and left because we were doing night shoots, we were up -- >> jimmy: insurance men came out to check out the damage? >> two guys came. >> jimmy: what did they say? >> they knocked on the door, it was 8:00 in the morning, i've been asleep for an hour and a half -- we were shooting nights the whole time. i wasn't just, you know, i mean, sometimes we were, but at this point i had a reason, and they knock on the door, they come in and the only thing i can think of is to act like i don't live there, like i'm not clark duke, like, it's not my room. so, i'm like, yeah, come in, i just ended up falling asleep here tonight. what a bunch of [ bleep ] these
12:47 am
guys are that live here. >> jimmy: you know -- >> i bad mouthed myself and the two roommates the whole time. >> jimmy: that's where you acting capabilities -- there's where the college degree paid off. >> thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: looking forward to seeing the movie. "hot tub time machine" opens in theaters friday. we'll be right back with yehya. ♪
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thanks for your help. >> jimmy: hi there, we're back. still to come, neon trees. over the weekend, bud light hosted the world's largest pool party at the hard rock in vegas. and since our pal yehya was once a lifeguard, right? >> yeah. where? >> in alexandria, in e jiment. >> jimmy: right. >> and the guy saw me, i work this life guard,ed in the casino, he give me a business card say yehya, i see you swim, i hire you, i go, no, i'm retired. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. great story. here he is, we decided to send yehya to las vegas to protect and serve.
12:52 am
♪ >> i'm yehya. i'm -- i forget. bud light hire me work life guard, largest pool party. in vegas. oh my god, i want to save life somebody. he need help. are you safe? >> yes. >> good. ♪ i save you! >> get off me, what the hell? >> i save your life, man. yehya tip number one. in the sun, you want to buy like
12:53 am
motion because your face can burn. 12:00, the sun very strong like barbecue. you have to see your body, red, burn, you need the motion. everybody get motion here. okay? safety thing. ♪ stop with the ball. you see there, i saw it. yehya safety tip number two. don't eat and go swim because it not good. eat and you go swim, you throw out, okay? believe me, because i know. you want to eat little, go swim. because in the swim, all the food go in your stomach to toilet, okay? are you safe? are you safe? safe? safe?
12:54 am
safe? safe? safe? safe? you didn't answer me. are you safe? >> yes. >> good luck, thank you. hey, you. you don't know how to swim. i can teach you how to swim, man. yehya safety tip number three, right? you start to swim, move your right hand, left leg. left hand, right leg. right hand, left leg. left hand, right leg. go teach somebody how swim, please, for me. i don't want you to die. i need your life. right hand, left hand. thank you bud light. thank you and good-bye. i work overtime. bye! >> jimmy: beautiful. yehya, everybody. we'll be right back with neon trees.
12:55 am
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>> jimmy: this is their debut album. it's called "habits." here with the song "animal," neon trees. ♪ >> jimmy kimmel. i still love you. ♪ here we go again i kinda wanna be more than friends so take it easy on me ♪ ♪ i'm afraid you're never satisfied ♪
1:00 am
♪ here we go again we're sick like animals we play pretend you're just a cannibal ♪ ♪ and i'm afraid i won't get out alive ♪ ♪ no i won't sleep tonight ♪ oh, oh, i want some more oh, oh, what are you waiting for ♪ ♪ take a bite of my heart tonight oh, oh, i want some more ♪ ♪ oh, oh, what are you waiting for ♪ ♪ what are you waiting for ♪ say good-bye to my my heart tonight ♪ ♪ here we are again i feel the chemicals kickin' in ♪ ♪ it's getting heavy and i wanna run and hide i wanna run and hide ♪ ♪ i do it every time you're killin' me now
1:01 am
and i won't be denied by you the animal inside of you ♪ ♪ oh, oh, i want some more oh, oh, what are you waiting for ♪ ♪ take a bite of my heart tonight oh, oh, i want some more ♪ ♪ oh, oh, what are you waiting for what are you waiting for ♪ ♪ say good bye to my heart tonight ♪ ♪ hush, hush the world is quiet hush, hush we both can't fight it ♪ ♪ it's us that made this mess why can't you understand oh, i won't sleep tonight ♪ ♪ i won't sleep tonight i won't sleep tonight ♪
1:02 am
♪ here we go again ♪ oh, oh, i want some more oh, oh, what are you waiting for ♪ ♪ take a bite of my heart tonight oh, oh, i want some more ♪ ♪ oh, oh, what are you waiting for ♪ ♪ what are you waiting for what are you waiting oh, oh here we go again oh, oh here we go again ♪ ♪ here we go again say good bye to mheart tonight ♪ ♪ oh, oh, i want some more oh, oh what you are waiting for ♪ ♪ what are you waiting for say good bye to my heart tonight ♪
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